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» Victoria Sambunaris: Taxonomy of a Landscape at UMBC

This exhibition presents photographs made over the span of more than a decade by photographer Victoria Sambunaris as she traversed the United States, stopping to photograph phenomena ubiquitous and familiar to particular regions but anomalous to the ordinary eye: massive distribution facilities, complex transport systems, colossal mining operations, majestic mountain gaps, exploding mud pots. Acting as both document and metaphor for the American experience, Sambunaris’s photographs bring into view the vast, open-ended mystery and unease of a country where human intervention and natural beauty inspire wonder in equal measure. Collected ephemera—the essential, and incidental, elements of Sambunaris’s work as a photographer and researcher—are also included in this exhibition (books on geology and history, maps, and artifacts collected on her journeys, such as mineral specimens, journals, road logs), as well as a video documenting her travel and work processes, and over 1,500 of her small photographic sketches. [Organized by the Museum of Contemporary Photography.]

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